Cheerful Chilli 3 Course restaurant Sharing Banquet

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For parties of 4 or more you can have our three course sharing banquet with a wide selection of starters, main dishes and puddings from our menu – and a few new ones too!  We recommend this for large parties dining at the restaurant.

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  1. Elana Shalkowski


    Is there anywhere on the website that you can view the 3 course banquet menu as i cannot seem to find it anywhere and am trying to organise a large group booking but need to be able to view the menu first. Thanks

  2. Anne


    Cheerful Chilli Sample Buffet Menu

    Mezze Platters (Haloumi and tomato salad, Humous and olives, Stuffed chillis, Couscous and Salad, Falafels)
    Mixed breads 
    Goats Cheese and Red Onion Tarts
    Corn Cakes and sweet chilli dip
    Potato wedges?Nachos
    Main Course:
     ?Dhal?Pizzas?Enchiladas?Kerala Curry?Cheerful Chilli
    Salad and feta cheese
    Aubergine Involtini

    Freshly made cheesecake?
    Chocolate Truffle Cakes?
    Chocolate nemesis?
    Home made ice creams

  3. Darren Wade


    Having enjoyed the banquet on several occasions and if you can still walk by the end you are doing well. That said the range of flavors and styles that are offered lead me to suggest they call it a tasting menu as it seems to be a little of almost everything from the menu.
    I will be back soon, probably in a group for the banquet, with yet another failed attempt to save myself for the puddings.

  4. Amy


    I enjoyed this last night for my birthday meal with friends and I have to say it was a huge success.. everything was amazing and I will definitely be coming back for more! :)

  5. Louise


    Hi what is the maximum number you can book a table for with the banquet menu? Thanks

  6. Eleanor


    Just wanted to add that I have been with large groups several times and had the banquet menu and it is outstanding – really delicious food and absolutely tons of it. Really excited about going there again next weekend for my husband’s 40th birthday. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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